The following information is intended to introduce you to some of the more than 150 miles of hiking trails located within the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.  For additional information it is suggested you talk with any of the rangers at Bandy Creek Visitor Center.  Hiking trails are marked with a white blaze and either a red arrowhead, yellow turtle or blue silhouette of John Muir.  Bring the proper equipment, supplies, clothing, and first-aid kit on all hiking trips.

Download hiking maps in PDF format, you must have acrobat reader to open these files.

Blue Heron Trails

Honey Creek Loop Trail

Leatherwood Ford Trails

Middle Creek Trails

Twin Arches Trails







Angel Falls Trail 2.0 Miles

One Way

Easy River views, bluffs, rapids, wildflowers Leatherwood Ford on Hwy.  297
Angel Falls Overlook 2.8 Miles

One Way

Moderate to Strenuous River views, bluffs, overlooks, rapids Leatherwood Ford on Hwy. 297
Grand Gap Loop 6.8 Mile Loop 5.6 Mile to loop

12.4 Miles Total

Moderate to Strenuous Numerous river views, hardwood forest Leatherwood Ford on Hwy. 297
Bandy  Creek Campground Loop 1.3 Mile Loop Easy Upland forest Bandy Creek Visitor Center
Oscar Blevins Loop 3.2 Mile Loop Easy Mature forest, historic farm, rock shelters, waterfalls Bandy Creek Campground Trailhead
John Litton General Slaven Loop 5.9 Mile Loop Moderate Old farmstead, small waterfalls, rock bluffs Bandy Creek Campground Trailhead
Middle Creek Loop 3.5 Mile Loop Easy Forest, rockshelters, bluffs Turn right off Hwy.  154 onto Fork Ridge Road, continue .7 miles to Middle Creek Trailhead
Slave Falls Loop 3.2 Mile Loop Easy Waterfalls, bluffs, rockshelters, Slave Falls, Needle Arch Turn right off Hwy.  154 onto Fork Ridge Road, continue 3  miles to Sawmill Trailhead
Twin Arches      0.7 Miles        One way Moderate to Strenuous with steps Natural arches, overlooks, bluffs Turn right off Hwy.  154 onto Fork Ridge Road, turn left onto Divide Road for 3.5 miles, turn right on Twin Arches Road and drive 2 miles to Trailhead
Twin Arches Loop 6.0 Mile Loop   Historic farm, Charit Creek Lodge
Burnt Mill Bridge Loop 4.3 Mile Loop Moderate Clear Fork River, bluffs, wildflowers Take Hwy.  27 south 11 miles, turn right onto Mountain View Road and follow signs for 5.3 miles to Burnt Mill Fork Bridge Trailhead
Honey Creek Loop 5.0 Mile Loop Strenuous Overlooks, waterfalls, rock formations, wildflowers, Big South Fork River Continue as above for Burnt Mill Bridge Loop, cross bridge and continue 3.5 miles, turn right to Honey Creek Trailhead
Gentlemen's Swimming Hole 0.4 Mile

One way

Moderate Clear Fork River, wildflowers, historic cemetery, interesting cliffs and boulders Take Hwy.  27 south to Rt. 52, follow Rt. 52 west for 7 miles to Rugby.  Turn right at sign for Laurel Dale Cemetery, trailhead is at cemetery on the left.
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